Hello, I’m Rachel

Welcome to the DeepLearn: blog.

I’m an amateur coder, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and recovering lawyer.

I started my career in 2001 in corporate law at a prominent global firm. After ten years in the corporate world, my interest in technology has led me down a different path, and I ended up honing my skills at a few smart, ambitious (and slightly chaotic) start-ups and growing tech companies that were busy building exciting products and taking names in the media, ad-tech, e-commerce and AR/VR/design software sectors on the London and global tech scene.

In 2017, I ventured even further into the unknown and started my own e-commerce company in Melbourne, on a mission to disrupt an age-old industry and create an innovative direct-to-consumer brand. Sadly, the recent onset of the global pandemic and inevitable global recession meant the end of that chapter.

I’ve always been interested in artificial intelligence and currently taking my first steps in Python and the world of machine learning and building AI products.

I believe that AI is more than just a buzzword. And definitely more than just about technology. AI has sparked an important global conversation around anything from arts, ethics and philosophy, to cognitive science, biology, physics, psychology, politics and beyond. We’re living in strange but exciting times and there are many reasons to be hopeful about the future.

In the words of Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired magazine and technology writer:

“We can expect future technologies such as artificial intelligence to unleash a barrage of new huge questions we could have never thought to ask before. In fact, it’s a safe bet that we have not asked our biggest questions yet. Answers are on their way to becoming a commodity. The role of humans, at least for a while, will be to ask questions. Great question creators will be seen, properly, as the engines that generate the new industries, new brands and new possibilities that our restless species can explore.”

I hope DeepLearn inspires you to continuously learn, discover, create and ask questions. And do something great while you’re at it.

Thanks for reading,